I have worked on numerous projects over the years that I'm extremely proud of.

These projects have allowed me to contribute to various domains and have a positive impact on the users and communities involved. While some of them are under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), here are a few that I can share with you:

  • Marco dental tourism

    Lead developer, CTO

    Development of custom designed website for a dental tourism agency including custom blog CMS.

    Next.js, Vue.js, Laravel, SEO, Preformance optimizations

    Marco dental tourism

  • Carport

    Cofounder, Fullstack developer

    Development and product placement of website made for Airport Parking Booking in Belgrade

    Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Laravel, Tailwind.css, SEO, Preformance optimizations

    Parking Aerodrom Beograd

  • MOD24

    Lead frontend developer

    MOD24 is a mover-on-demand platform that provides a customer app, dispatch system, superadmin interface, and blog CMS. Built using Nuxt.js and Vue.js, it offers a seamless user experience and efficient management tools for a comprehensive logistics and delivery service.

    Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Laravel, SEO, Flutter, Preformance optimizations

    MOD24 customer app

  • Ostani kod kuće

    Frontend Developer

    Development of backoffice and website for Belgrade Municipal Crisis Staff during Covid- 19 emergency.

    Vue.js, Vuetify, Socket.IO

    Ostani kod kuće

  • Alphinco

    Fullstack development, CTO

    Fullstack development of custom ecommerce website for a company that Korean health products.

    Nuxt.js, Vue.js 2, Laravel, SEO, Preformance optimizations


  • Printshop

    SEO optimiztion

    SEO, Preformance optimizations

    Laravel, SEO

    Print shop