Frameworks, Programming Languages, and Libraries I Use and Recommend

I often receive inquiries about the frameworks, programming languages, and libraries I utilize to build software and enhance productivity. This page provides a comprehensive list of my favorite tools in these categories, along with some gadgets that I adore. Whether you're looking for recommendations or simply interested in exploring new technologies, you'll find a wealth of information here.

Programming languages

  • Javascript

    Programming language that i have most experience with.

  • Typescript

    Programming language that i am using on my all recent projects.

  • Php

    First programming language that i have used for my projects. Currently when doing Laravel or Wordpress.

Frontend frameworks

  • Vue.js

    My first love and framework that i have most experience with.

  • Next.js

    My favorite framework for building websites. I prefer using it when preformance and SEO matters.

  • Nuxt.js

    I have also expirience with nuxt SSG and SSR.

  • React.js

    In past two years most of my projects were builth with React.js.

  • Angular.js

    I am not that experienced but i did one project in angular also.

  • jQuery

    Because i started developing in 2016, i have used alot of jquery

Backend frameworks

  • Laravel

    Framework that i am most confortable with. I have used it for most of my projects when i am doing backend.

  • Express.js

    I did few small services with express.js


  • Wordpress

    My favorite CMS for small projects.

  • Strapi

    I have used strapi for few projects.

  • Joomla

    I did maintence for one Joomla website.

  • Magento

    While i was studing i did one e-commerce project in Magento.

CSS Frameworks

  • Bootstrap

    First css framework that i have used.

  • Tailwind.css

    My favorite css framework.

  • Vuetify

    I did alot of dashboards with vue.js and vuetify.

  • MUI

    All client dashboards that i have built with react were with MUI.